Full control

An important security advantage. Every action connected to the app is under your direct control with secured access.

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Website platform

No need for installation, the app works well on computers as well as any other electronic devices (phones, tablets etc.).

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No sharing of the income

Only a fixed monthly fee for the support or a complex solution with no charges.

A crypto wallet

Allows both crypto deposits and withdrawals, no need for a bank account for the clients’ deposits.


The platform will be customized according to your requirements and trademarks.

Business platform

OptionTerminal is not a typical platform in the field of digital options. Instead of being dependent on the provider of the platform as we can typically see in the white label model, it focuses on the platform operator (broker, owner) and his/her control over the platform including business actions, its types and settings, as well as a full control over the database and servers.

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Design of the platform

The platform is fully customized according to your needs and trademark. You set up the requested assets: from asset indexes, Fiat money to cryptocurrency. You can also easily set up the market characteristics and types of options. Additionally, the platform might be used in various languages to target your special regional markets. Every OptionTerminal platform is unique.

  • Customized front end based on your needs and trademark.
  • Any fiat currency pairs, cryptocurrency and other assets.
  • Multi-language platform, which supports most languages to target special regions.
  • Various types of options. The platform supports all standard types of options (Quick, High-Low, Range, One Touch, Spread), own types of options upon request.
  • A support of different time zones.

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